John L. duFief, Inc.

Quality & Budget

Closely monitoring materials used, labor costs, and labor efficiency

Custom Design

Residences and additions designed to fit your personal lifestyle

Family Owned

3rd generation construction company focusing on custom homes and additions

60+ Years Experience

John L. duFief, Inc was established in 1958 in Potomac, MD

Custom Finishes


When building your new home or addition, careful planning is the first and most important step. We will work with you, the architect, and the decorator.

We take complete responsibility for sound structural framing, precise interior and exterior finishes, and proper site grading for water tight foundations.

Building a Better Stucture

Basic Principles

The fundamental philosophy or our company is to build a better structure by applying the follorwing basic principles:

  • Harmonious architecture
  • Sound structural engineering
  • Qaulity materials
  • Superior workmanship
  • Close supervision
  • Attention to detail

Maintenance Tips

Hardwood Floors

Keep your finished or refinished hardwood floors looking beautiful.

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Water Main

Knowing how to shut it off can save you a lot of headache.

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Sewage Sytems

Know where the cleanouts are and how to maintain the lines.

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Septic Tanks

Nothing can enter the septic tank that is not biodefradable.

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